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Need to repair boilers and central heating system?

We are best at…

·       Boiler Installations

·       Heating Installations

·       Diagnostics and Repairs

·       Full System Redesigns

·        Gas Safety Registered

Boiler Installations

We’ll install a brand-new and A-rated categorized energy saver boiler for a fixed and fair price-always

As it is essential and important to set an A-grade boiler for your reliable and long-lasting central heating system, same as it is important to choose qualified and experienced gas safe registered engineers.

If you are looking for reliable boiler installation services, we’ve got you covered. We deal at a fair price and without the tactics of salespeople.

Heating installations

With 18 plus experience, At the pro plumb platform, you can avail of all types of central heating services. We deal in all forms of Heating problems like breakdowns, leakages, gas safety inspections, system upgradations, redesign, and complete heating installations. We are going to provide every service you could need for your warm and safe house.

Diagnostics And Repairs

Diagnosing going to be a complicated, difficult, and sometimes dangerous process. Because every citizen is not the same as experienced and qualified engineers. This process needs to adopt safety measurements and to perform these actions mentioned below.

You have to check the programmer

You’ve to check the thermostat

Check the activity of the circulating pump

Motorized valves


Thermostatic radiator valves

Cylinder thermostat

Water tank

So why you have to do these difficult tasks without any related knowledge. Hire Proplumb experienced and qualified staff. Your safety and savings are guaranteed.

Full System Redesigns

The process of redesigning the central heating system is very difficult and complicated. It’s better to leave this process for our Proplumb qualified and experienced staff.

We calculated the heat demand for each room in your home. We calculate the size of the radiator, boiler, and the number of pipes circulating for the underfloor heating system.

Need to re-design? Contact our 24/7 customer support team today.

Gas Safety Registered

The gas safety register is the UK’S official gas registration body. Every engineer should be on the gas safe register and our experienced and qualified staff fulfill this demand.

A variety of boilers are available in the market. Most of the boilers are work on mains gas, but some are works on oil, liquid petroleum gas, wood, and coal instead.

What type of boiler is suitable for you, this thing decide by our professional and experienced gas safe registered staff.

For emergencies and queries contact our supportive team