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Hot water cylinder most common problems


If you noticed, your hot water cylinder is a leak, then you should need a qualified and experienced plumber to fix it.

Probable reasons are loose connections, cracks, excessive pressure, or corrosion

No Hot Water

If you are using a gas boiler, then you need to check the boiler you have also you will need to contact a gas safe registered engineer.

Water is too hot

Sometimes the water may be too much hot. This may happen because of the temperature-pressure relief valve which is not in a working position. You should call an engineer to fix it.

Discolored and smelly water

If you are facing this problem then there is the probable problem cylinder’s anode rod and water with a concentration of sulfates.

To resolve this problem there is no option except to call an engineer.

Strange noises

Over time, your cylinder started to produce strange noises and it may frequently be increasing.

This issue will be resolved by a qualified engineer by flushing.

No Water

The common cause of no water or just cold water by the fault of the filter. The filter is probably not working or blocked.

Problems Wit Hot Cylinder..?

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