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What is a central heating power flushing?

Powerflushing is the process of cleansing the central heating system.   

This process is important to keep your central heating system in a running position.

Over time, a huge amount of water wastages are gathered in your pipes, radiators, and boiler that make up the central heating system and affect its performance.

If these substances being left in your central heating system, your system may at risk. These hurdles eventually lead to breakdown, blockages, and reducing the efficiency of your boiler.

This power flushing process aims to remove the sludge, rust, and any other debris from your central heating system.

Signs your system needs a power flush

·        Cold areas appear on the radiators, especially on the bottom

·        Excessive noise comes up from your boiler and radiator

·        Discoloured water during the bleeding of radiators

·        Slow heating to warm up

·        Cold radiators but pipes are hot

·        Small leakages in radiators

·        Frequent breakdowns

·        For Some radiators need the struggle to heat up

·         Regularly shuts down the boiler and need to be restart

·        Overheated boilers because they need to do extra work

How power flushing process works..?

This cleansing process involves a specialized machine using by a qualified engineer. With the help of the machine required amount of special chemicals and high-pressure water throws in the system for the elimination of rust, sludge, and any type of debris from your radiators and boilers.

Benefits of getting power flush

·       Improved system efficiency

·       reduced energy consumption

·       Lower energy bills

·       Quicker heat up radiators

·       Improved heating quality

·       less noisy radiators and boilers

·       Less chances of breakdown/leakages

·       Increase lifespan of heating system

·       Higher temperatures of hot water

·       Rust protected central heating system

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